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Wrap & Roll

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HI GUYS! Yes I know its been a while, my bad cause my Blogger template was pretty screwed, and I had to redo everything from scratch :(
So anyways about a week ago, Cheowyi asked me along for a bloggers food tasting session by Wrap & Roll, and when heard about it I was damn excited! Not cause it was free food (like duh who wouldn't like free stuff? haha), but rather it was because I've visited the place before and I do quite like their food.
I know many of you might be wondering what in the world is this Wrap & Roll all about, to be honest when I first passed by, I also had no clue what it was selling, seems to me like some healthy salad joint.

So WHAT is Wrap & Roll?

Straight from Ho Chi Minh, Wrap & Roll is an award-winning Vietnamese casual dining restaurant bringing you an exciting variety of fresh and authentic dishes. It has now over 10 outlets and counting in Vietnam and Australia and was recently awarded "Top 100 Vietnamese Restaurants in Vietnam".

Yes it sells VIETNAMESE FOOD!!!
Haha I also don't know I'm so excited, maybe its cause you don't commonly find vietnamese food in Singapore, and for those people who has wanted to try the food, here's a sneak of what I had

With other invited bloggers (L-R)
Tiffany, Me, Jasmine, Cheowyi

The place

1. Crispy Prawn Pancakes ($7.90)| 2. Lime Chrysanthemum Tea | 3. Minced Pork & Mushrooms in Steamed Rice Paper Rolls ($8.90)
Let's start off with the drink. To be honest it tasted weird to me, maybe cause I'm not used to having lime and chrysanthemum together, me prefer to have my drinks seperate.
The Crispy Prawn Cakes (No. 1) was good. I had already tried it prior to this visit and I felt that it is different from the typical thai prawn cakes you might have tried before. This is like prawns wrapped in rice rolls and then deep fried. The steamed rice paper rolls is a bit like our chee cheong fun, except that this has a smoother texture and a more chewy bite.
No. 3 is the Minced Pork & Mushrooms in Steamed Rice Paper Rolls. Again similar to the Prawn cake, this is rolled in the style of our chinese chee cheong fun. I actually like this more than the prawn cakes though, maybe cause there was meat in it LOLOL! And plus the fried onion really added a crispy crunch to it.

In case you're still wondering why a place that sells Vietnamese food gives itself a name like Wrap & Roll, its cause in Vietnam, they have this habit of eating their food with veg, herbs and rice noodles, and thus they would roll it all up into one (kinda like a spring roll)

So essentially there are 3 steps towards getting your dishes "rolled" as seen from above
The first dish that was served was the Hà Nội Grilled Pork Skewers ($9.90)
The "rolling" process, a bit messy and complicated but you should try it cause its fun
LOL and me and Jasmine had a competition as to who can wrap-roll-eat the fastest. Like duh of course I will win cause ok la, I admit, my mouth quite big
Thx Tiffany for uploading the vid
Oh one advice when eating the rice paper rolls is to dip it long enough in the sauce that accompanies it, because the sauce helps to soften it, if not it will be damn hard to chew off.
Ok taste wise, not too bad. The pork was tender and nicely marinated (haha Jacinta, the manager, was talking to us about how much effort was put into this dish) , but I think portion wise its a little too small.


This is the Bánh Xèo Crispy Crepe with Prawns, Pork, Beansprouts & Mushrooms ($15.90)
Let me tell you this is damn bombz! Can you see all the ingredients within the crepe? They were damn generous with the prawns and all, but what I liked was the crepe, cause you know like after the food is served, we are too busy snapping photos and we don't get to eat it immediately, however even after a long while, the crepe is still really crispy! (I'm already missing this dish as I'm typing this post out)
And look at the size of this thing! Apparently it serves 2 pax
A huge plate of veg that comes with the crepe for you guys to "roll"

The end product
And this is how Tiffany devours it, in true Wrap & Roll style

OKOK last photo of the Crepe

Traditional Deep Fried Spring Rolls with Pork & Seafood ($10.90)
This is......Cheowyi's favourite dish! Haha and the whole time she keep talking about this dish only.
Well it was indeed really nice, and it was a nice combination when wrapped in all the side veg and herbs, cause this was fried so it helped to balance out everything. The meat was fresh and it was really good, however this wouldn't be my favourite dish simply cause it tasted similar to the Thai spring roll, so there was nothing really exciting about this dish, nonetheless I liked it a lot.
The herbs that accompany the dishes. Mint,Thai Basil, Vietnam Basil and something which I can;t remember LOL

The last dish: Stir Fried ‘Pho’ Noodles with Beef ($12.90)
What is vietnamese food without the signature beef pho (pronounce it as 'fur', LOL alex taught me one) right? However, Wrap & Roll do not have the traditional soup pho, but came up with a twist with its own stir fried pho. It looks like a typical beef hor fun but its not, cause the sauce was really special and different from your typical hor fun
And now its DESSERTS!
Left: Sweet Mung Bean & Taro with Coconut Cream (Warm/ Cold)
Right: Sweet Bananas & Sago in Coconut Milk (Warm/ Cold)
The left one, meh it just tasted like tau suan, just that it wasn't as sweet. Can imagine my dad eating this. *laughs
The right was the banana dessert. HOOO MAI GAWDDD IT IS THAT GOOD! I tried the hot version and I only have one thing to say: You have to try it to believe

The Vietnamese Rainbow Dessert, apparently it was the customer's favourite.
Well it tasted like a mixture of ice kachang and chendol, but I;m really not a fan of desserts normally (except for that sweet banana sago) so this was another meh dessert. It also has like emerald (like thai red ruby where there's water chestnut inside), beans, and jelly. The ice wasn't shaved too finely as well so it was difficult to get to the bottom of the cup.

Another thing that Vietnam is famous for is its coffee, and I honestly think that the one served here is pretty good. The coffee is made by the traditional dripping method (the metal thingy on above right) giving it a really concentrated brew. But I have to warn you, its really strong tasting, and thats the reason why they had it with ice and lots of condensed milk

 All in all, this is a place worth trying out. I have tried the Grilled Chicken with Garlic Rice prior to this and it was also really good.
Once again thanks to Jacinta from Wrap & Roll and Haren (blog manager from streetdirectory) for the invite!
Wrap & Roll (Singapore)
The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green 
*walk over from Buona Vista Mrt
Opening Hours:Sun-Thu: 10am - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 10am - 11pm
+65 6694 4111

Wrap & Roll is giving my readers a free Vietnamese Iced Dripping Coffee with minimum $20 spend. You can redeem this free gift with the code W&RBLOGGERS, and offer is valid from now until 31st Jan 2013.


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